Sunseeker: Master Innovators

As the industry leader in yacht manufacturing, Sunseeker consistently pushes the boundaries of technology and innovation, with each new model, Sunseeker remains at the forefront of yacht technology to continually elevate the yachting experience to new heights. 




The Build: 

At Sunseeker each yacht presents it’s very own unique qualities, but the primary dependant is the use of carbon fibre in the yacht structure. An ingenious innovation in modern yacht design, the extensive use of carbon fiber can lower the weight and overall centre of gravity of the yacht, lending to exceptional seakeeping capabilities. Coupled with the resin-infused, deep-V hulls and the use of DIAB foam in the build, Sunseeker has elevated what it means to command the sea with exceptional agility, speed, strength and precision, all the whilst reducing fuel consumption. 


Furthermore, with each new yacht build, Sunseeker installs specialist sound-absorbing materials and anti-vibration mounts to reduce noise derived from the hull structure and boost requiescence.





With their incorporation of hybrid propulsion systems and dynamic stabilization technology, Sunseeker yachts not only enhance onboard comfort and performance, but contribute to a greener cruising experience. Their revolutionary hybrid propulsion systems combine traditional diesel engines with electric motors to extend the yacht's range and amplify fuel efficiency, enhancing the overall onboard experience. In addition, Sunseeker yachts are equipped with dynamic stabilization systems to ensure a stability even in the most challenging of seas. These systems utilize advanced gyroscopic and fin stabilizers to minimize roll and pitch. By counteracting the natural motion of the sea, they significantly reduce the yacht's movement. The combination of hybrid propulsion systems and dynamic stabilization technology ensures that owners and crew can navigate waters with reduced emissions, improved fuel efficiency, and an exceptional level of comfort. 




Navigation and Maneuvering:

Sunseeker's SkyHelm™ technology, launched onboard the ‘famous five’ in 2021, revolutionized yacht navigation and control, providing captains with unparalleled command and maneuverability. Inspired by automotive designs, the SkyHelm™ features a cutting-edge, almost invisible helm station that combines style with functionality - its integrated GPS, radar, and chartplotter systems provide real-time information about the yacht's position, weather conditions, and nearby vessels. The SkyHelm™ combined with the Volvo Penta IPS joystick to simplify docking and low-speed maneuvering, truly exemplify latest in technology and ergonomic design in the yachting industry.




Advancing Environmentalism:

As mentioned, Sunseeker goes above and beyond in their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. To accomplish this, Sunseeker yachts are equipped with state-of-the-art on-board water filtration systems designed to purify and cleanse water from any bacteria, ensuring a safe and clean environment for guests and marine life alike. These systems are specially designed to prevent the escape of harmful substances such as oil, chemicals, and microplastics into the seas or waterways, promoting cleaner and more environmentally friendly crafts. By implementing stringent filtration measures, Sunseeker ensures that its yachts operate with the utmost respect for the marine ecosystem. It is not a surprise that due to Sunseeker's steadfast adherence to environmental standards that they have been awarded environmental accreditation from ISOQAR since 2012. 


Further eco-friendly yacht technologies have included the integration of solar-panels to generate clean energy, contributing to onboard electricity needs and reducing reliance on traditional power sources.